Mac Freezing: First Aid Tool and Tips

Here are a list of some tips that I think will be helpful to you when using RootsMagic on your Mac computer: 


1. If you run into the freezing issues its best not to try and shut the Mac computer down the way that you are doing it.  The best and safest way to close RootsMagic down is to go up to the small black apple icon at the top left side of your computer screen.  Click on the black apple.  Then select Force Quit.  When you get into the Force Quit screen you will see a list of all the programs running on your computer.  You will also see RootsMagic in this list.  Click on RootsMagic and highlight it in blue.  Then click on the Force Quite button.  Then click on the Force Quit button again.  This will close your RootsMagic program down safely for you.  Once its closed you can reopen RootsMagic again.  


2. With most Mac software applications you would want to use the menu items up next to the black apple at the top of the screen to control the program with, but with RootsMagic you do not want to use these menu items.  The only menu items that you will want to use are located inside the actual RootsMagic screen at the top.  I have attached a screen shot showing you the menu items that you will need to use to control RootsMagic with.  


3. When closing RootsMagic down for the day you again would not use the menu at the top right side of the small black apple icon to do this with.  Instead, you will click on the small red dot located in the upper left side of the RootsMagic screen to close the program with.  When you use the red dot it will close your file down with the program.  When you open RootsMagic up again your file will automatically open with the program. 


4. Using the Mac First Aid Tool

1. Click on your Finder Icon in the Dock
2. Then select Applications
3. When you get into the applications screen you will need to scroll down and look for the blue Utilities Folder and click on it to open it up
4. When you get into the Utilities Folder Click on Disk Utility
5. At the top of the screen you will see a small First Aid icon.  Click on this icon
6. When you get into the First Aid screen click on the blue Run button
7. Once you are finished running the First Aid tool close out of the screen that you are in
8. Then completely uninstall RootsMagic and Reinstall it again.  
9. Then try to open RootsMagic back up again


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