Fix Broken Media Links in RootsMagic 8 or higher

1. Open RootsMagic 8 or higher

2. Click on the Media Menu on the left side of your RootsMagic 8 screen

3. Click on the Ellipsis button (three dots) located at the top of the media screen. 

4. Select "Fix Broken Media Links."  

5. When you get into the Fix Broken Media Links screen there are two search options.  

  • All drives and folders - This allows you to search your entire computer
  • A Selected Drive or Folder - This allows you to select a specific folder or drive to search.

6. If you select "A Selected Drive or Folder" you will need to click on the small folder icon in the field bellow.  This takes you to a screen where you can select the folder or drive to search for the media images.




7. Click on the Search For Missing Files button

8. RootsMagic will search the location specified for the media images.  As it finds the media it will link the media again.  If for some reason it does not find the media try searching a different folder, or drive location.  


The following link will take you to the Webinar video "Pictures and Media in RootsMagic 8." 



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