How do I share my Ancestry Member Tree so it can be used in TreeShare?

Sharing your Ancestry tree

  1. From any page on the Ancestry website, click the Trees tab and select a tree.

  2. In the top-right corner of your tree, click Share.

  3. To share your tree via email, click Email or Username; to get a link you can share, click Shareable Link.

    If you enter the recipient's email address or username, the invitation will be delivered via email. If you get a shareable link, you'll need to create a new invite link for each person you share your tree with.

  4. If you're sending an email, enter the recipient’s email address or username into the field. If you're sending a link, skip this step.

    Invite multiple people at once by clicking the green Add another email/user button.

  5. In the Role menu, choose which role you want the person to have. To use TreeShare for Ancestry in RootsMagic the Editor role must be selected.

    • Guest & Contributor: These roles do not allow permission to use TreeShare for Ancestry inside RootsMagic. The tree will not be visible for download.
    • Editor: This is the only role that can be used in TreeShare for Ancestry. The user is able to see the tree listed for download. Editors can view and add people, records, comments, photos, and stories to a family tree. They can also remove and edit existing content. Editors can automatically view living people. (This option can be changed in the settings.)
  6. If you're sending an email, click the Include a personal message field on the right to add a message. If you're sending a link, click Create link.

  7. To email the invitation, click Send Invites. If you're sending a link, click Copy link.

    If you're sending an email, the recipient will receive an email with the subject "Come see our family tree on Ancestry." Whether they click a button from the invitation email or click your link, if they have an Ancestry account and are logged in to it, the link in the invitation will take them to your tree. If they are not logged in to an account, the link will take them to a free account creation page.

    Once they accept your invitation, your tree will appear under the Trees menu in their account. They will also be able to use TreeShare for Ancestry inside RootsMagic.  

 Accepting a tree invitation

  1. If you received an invitation email, click the Explore now in the email. If you were just sent a link, click the link.

  2. Sign in to your Ancestry account, if you have one, by clicking Sign in at the bottom of the page that appears. If you don’t have an Ancestry account, create one for free.

    If you’re already signed in to an account when you click the link, you’ll be taken to the tree.

  3. View the tree.

    Once you accept the invitation, the tree will appear in your Ancestry account under the Trees tab.

  4. View the tree in TreeShare for Ancestry in RootsMagic. It will now appear on your download list.

Managing invited people

After inviting someone to your tree, you can always change their role or end their access.

  1. In the tree you’ve shared, click the tree name menu in the top-left corner and select Tree Settings.

  2. On the Tree Settings page, click the Sharing tab.

  3. To change someone’s role, click the Role menu for someone you’ve invited. Check or uncheck the Can see living people box to allow or prevent someone from viewing the living people in your tree. To end someone’s access to your tree, click Remove.

  4. Click Save Changes.


An invitation you sent wasn’t received: Go to the Tree Settings page by opening your tree, clicking the tree name in the corner, and choosing Tree Settings from the menu. Click the Sharing tab to double-check that the email address or username you entered is right. If it’s right, click Reinvite in the Tools column. If you sent the invitation using their username, the email they receive will go to the email address they have on file with Ancestry. It’s a good idea to try using a recipient’s second email address if their first one (or their username) didn’t work.

You didn’t get an invitation someone sent to you: Double check that the person sending you the invitation got your email address or username right. If they did, contact Ancestry to see if they have been blocked from sending an email to your email address.


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