Mac: Issue using Help

For the RM Help issue, you can use a free program called CHM Reader, available in the Mac App Store (there are enhanced options for a charge).


Use that to open the RM help file which is called RootsMagic.chm. The challenge is to find that file. Once you find the file, copy and save it to a folder where you can easily locate it. Note that you cannot access the file using the standard Open process within CHM Reader without copying it to somewhere accessible.


To find the file, look for in your Application folder. Right click it and then select Show Package Contents. This will display a Contents folder. Expand this and follow down the hierarchy Contents/SharedSupport/rootsmagic/support/RootsMagic/drive_c/Program Files/RootsMagic 7, expanding each level in turn, and in that last folder you will find the file RootsMagic.chm. Copy this to somewhere easier to find.  


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