Adding Family Facts to Ancestry

In Ancestry TreeShare RootsMagic is working with one person at a time. This can cause some unique issues when dealing with family facts. If you are adding a spouse to an Ancestry person make sure to include the marriage fact before clicking "Accept changes". This is the one time TreeShare can work with two people at the same time. 

When adding a marriage fact to an existing couple a copy is added to both spouses. However, when updating an existing family fact you will need to update from both spouses profiles, because technically we are sharing data one person at a time. 

RootsMagic will always send the sex when updating a person, which can be a challenge when updating a couple. After adding or updating an existing family fact on Ancestry its best to confirm the person's sex afterwards by visiting the online Ancestry tree. Click the "Show on Ancestry" button at the top of TreeShare, or right click on a person in a main view and select "Jump to, Jump to Ancestry" to open the browser to them. Confirm that an alternate sex does not appear, or the sex of a female was not changed to male.


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