How do I copy my data to my device using Dropbox?

  • Select the “Files” option at the bottom of the app, then select the “Dropbox” tab at the top of that screen
  • You will be directed to Dropbox to sign in 
  • Dropbox will ask you to authorize the RootsMagic app. Click the “Allow” button to authorize the RootsMagic app. 
  • A folder called “Apps” will be created in the root of your Dropbox Folder. Inside of the “Apps” folder will be created a “RootsMagic” directory. 
  • Place your database(s) into the RootsMagic directory on Dropbox 
  • After Dropbox has synced your files select the “Dropbox” tab in the RootsMagic app. If you do not see your files you can hit the “refresh” button in the upper right corner of the page. 
  • Select the database from the list. Depending on the size of the file it may take a minute or two to download the database to your device. A message will pop up when the file is finished downloading to let you know you are ready to use the database 
  • If you edit the database on your computer, the app will let you know that the files have been modified and need to be re-downloaded to your device. After a file has been downloaded you can then access the file from the “On Device” tab.


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