When I exit RootsMagic I get a message that 'There was a problem saving the application preferences.'

If you get an error message stating 'There was a problem saving the application preferences.' when exiting from RootsMagic, or if RootsMagic continually asks you to enter your registration key every time you start it, it usually means RootsMagic's application data file has been made read-only somehow.

Here is how to fix this:

  1. Make sure RootsMagic is not running.
  2. Click on "Computer" or "My Computer" on your desktop.
  3. Double click the C: drive
  4. Double click on your Windows account name (Joe or Bill or whatever your account name is)
  5. If you see the "ProgramData" folder, double click on that.  If not, you need to un-hide the folder like this:
    • Click the "Organize" button and select "Folder and Search Options"
    • Click the "View" tab
    • About 7 items down on the list is "Hidden files and folders".  Change that to "Show hidden files and folders" and click OK
    • Now double click on the ProgramData folder
  6. Double click on the RootsMagic folder
  7. Double click on the "Version X" folder (where X is the version of RootsMagic you are using)
  8. Delete the RootsMagicApp.xml file
  9. Start RootsMagic.
  10. You will need to re-enter your registration key.


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