"Invalid code page" error when installing the latest RootsMagic 4 update.

Some individuals have been having errors running the latest RM4 updates on particular XP machines. Usually those that have the "Home" or "Embedded" editions.

They will get an error that says "Invalid code page" when they start up RootsMagic.

It is because with some of those versions of Windows, the machine comes with a very minimal installation. This sometimes happens on earlier models of netbooks.

The fix is to have Windows XP install the US ASCII code page.

To do this:

  • Go to the control panel and open the "region and language"-option.
  • Select the "Advanced"-tab.
  • Browse down (about a third of the way down), until you see the check box for 20127 (US_ASCII).
  • Check this box and click "OK". Windows will install the proper code page file.


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