Tiny Pedigree Chart When Printing

Some users have experienced a problem with "tiny" Pedigree Charts, where the pedigree chart image is displayed on a quarter of the page for printing. (A similar issue happens with any graphical report, i.e. box chart, photo tree, relationship chart, and scrapbook, but not wall charts.) This happens when the computers magnification is set to something other than 100% in the Windows' Control Panel, display options. 
The reason people change to that magnification is because everything is too small on their screen (too high a resolution).
There is an option for Windows to magnify everything, and it is usually set to 100%. If set to 300% for example, it will enlarge everything (the program, the reports, etc), but for some reason *doesn't* enlarge the pedigree chart graphic in the report.
You can fix this by setting the magnification back to 100%, and  the report will print out fine.
If everything on the screen becomes too small for you after setting the magnification to 100%, you can lower the screen resolution on your computer to adjust it.  So if your screen resolution is really high (like 1920 x 1080) you can lower it to something like 1024 x 768.  Just play around with the resolutions until you find one that gives you the size of icons, text, etc that you want.


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