Why is my Wall Chart quality poor when printed?

When you export your wall chart we recommend you save it as a .png. Second choice would be .bmp. Bring both copies to the printer so you an determine which is best.

If the text and graphic have a pixelated quality to them, it is an indication you are trying to increase the size of the wall chart greater than the size it was originally created as.

If you are trying to enlarge the chart twice the size (200 %) then what are in the settings, it will pixelate the graphics. If you printed at 100% the graphic would be fine. Since you need it larger you need to increase the size of your chart.

Start this process by determining what size you have your settings at currently. In your current chart go to File>Properties and note the dimensions of your current chart. You will want it twice that size in your final chart.

Click on a box for an individual go to Edit>Properties>select Box>Properties>Position and Size>note the settings you have here.

Now you could go to Layout>Canvas Size and there increase the size of your wall chart and then manually increase all your boxes and text. Let's instead generate a new wall chart.

Reports>Charts>Wall Charts>Boxes - you could double the default width and height for box size. Then Generate Report. This will get all the boxes evenly enlarged. You can go to File>Properties and check the dimensions of the chart. It should be more than double the size now because we need to take into account the other text and spaces there.

You will see that your fonts are all to small. Double click on each area of font until you see the font now highlighted in blue and able to be edited. Go to Edit>Properties>Name or Events (individually)>Properties>Font and increase the font size there. Click OK and sometimes you will not see the change until you click outsize of the box. You will need to increase the font size for each text box - including the Title of the chart.

One shortcut you can also do is right click on the boxes click properties and it will bring up the component box to select which element you wish to go into the properties to edit.

Once you have all the text edited export the chart to either .bmp or .png to take to the printers.


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