Why does my Ahnentafel list not show all my ancestors?

Q. I read somewhere that our Ahnentafel report only goes to 32 generations. I am finding it will print more at times but not consistently. Why is am I getting people in the list that say they are the "Same as person number 0"?

A. The limit is based on how computers store large numbers. RootsMagic 4 is a 32-bit program, a 32 bit integer can only go up to 2 billion 2,000,000,000 - the 31st generations startes to get into the 2billion plus numbers. You will get spotty coverage up to the 46th generation.

If there is a single branch of your family that extends past 32 generations, make a two level report. Pick a chart member at the end of the 32 generation report. Start with that person and request another report. The numbers will start over at "1".


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