How do I get a list of all events in one locality with different historical place names?

Q. I'm planning a genealogical research trip and want to have a list of all the facts that occurred in the places to which I'm going. When I select Lists => Place List => Print, I have the option of including all places in the database or all events in one single place. 

The problem is that I have events recorded by their historical place names. Throughout the years Queensbury, New York has been recorded in Warren, Washington, Charlotte, Albany or Dutchess County.  How do I get a list of all events in this one locality with different place names?

A. Creating a group with the names of everyone from Queensbury would be ideal.  That way you can use the group through various reports.  

  1. Open the side bar to Groups
  2. Click on the Groups icon next to the drop down box
  3. Click on the "New" button
  4. Click on "Mark group"
  5. Choose "Select people by data field"
  6. Search for information by: Any fact > Place > Contains > Queensbury, Click OK
  7. Once it has finished searching it will tell you how many matches were found. Click OK
  8. Click OK again
  9. Enter the name for the group, Click OK
  10. Click Close


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