Why is my Custom Report not printing any names?

Your information is probably not printing because you did not choose a fact type (column title) in Row 1. 

To create a Custom Report:

  1. Click on Reports > Custom Report > New >
  2. Click Options - Type a Name for your Report - Then Sort by Surname, Then sort by Given Name, Then sort by <<Select field>>, Then Click OK.
  3. Decide how many columns you want. If you want more than the 2 given you, click on either the left black arrow or the right black arrow in the little blue grid boxes until you get the number of columns you want. 
  4. Click on the first column in the Header row. Then type the name of that column in the space above, beside Cell type - Text (Name). (Text means it will print the NAMES of your columns only). Now click on 2nd column in the Header row and name it (probably birth date), click on third column in Header row and name it (probably death date), etc.
  5. Now click on Row 1. Cell type above will change from Text to Field and will read Cell Type Field - <<Selectfield>>. Whatever you select from the fact list in this space is what your report will actually print. (I think maybe that is why you did not get any names on your report as it probably just printed the titles of your columns). 
  6. Now Click first column beside Row 1. Then click on the down arrow of <<Selectfield>> and choose (Name - Surname,Given). Now click on second column in Row 1 -- click on down arrow of <<Selectfield>> and select Birth Date. Click on third column, go to <<Selectfield>> and choose Death Date.
  7. Click OK (at bottom).
  8. Enter name of your report in this next window. 
  9. Under "Available Reports" choose your report name. 
  10. In "People to Include", click down arrow and choose "Select from List". In the next window, mark (check mark) all the people you want to include in your report. Click OK.
  11. Now click "Generate Report".

Remember -- Header = Text = Column Titles only
Remember -- Row 1 = Field = Actual fact types that your report will print out.

Try to have the same column titles in the Header as you do in Row 1.


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