Regenerating Indexes in a Report

Q: How does one right-align the page numbers in indexes in RM 4?

A: This applies to Word 2007 and, is similar but somewhat different for Word 2003 (different interface) but the Ctrl+A, then F9 commands still would be valid. Note that you do not remove the indexes, only refresh/update them, because of the two separate indexes used by default in RM4. I recommend that you do this setup before doing any editing of the document in case there is a problem and you have to start over.

1. Create the RTF file from RM4 (RM4 opens the RTF file in your default editor for that file type - mine is set to Word.)
2. Click on Reference tab, Insert indexes.
2.a. Click the Format drop list and select Simple
2.b. Click Right align page numbers and select Tab leader type dots. 
2.c. Confirm type (Indented), and number of columns which should match settings in RM4.
2.d. Click OK.
3. In the "Do you want to replace the selected index?" dialog, click No.
4. Remove text string "No index entries found." that was added to the document.
5. Press Ctrl+A to select all the text in the document.
6. Press F9 to refresh/update the indexes, with right-aligned page numbers.

If you make changes to the document after doing the above, to insert pictures or images of documents for example, all you have to do is press Ctrl+A, F9 to refresh/update the indexes. 

You can see the index entries and other formatting codes by clicking on the Pilcrow sign ¶ (backwards P-like symbol) in the Home, Paragraph settings ribbon. Remember to turn off the formatting codes before refreshing/updating the index because Word will create the index based on what is displayed when you run the command -- and those formatting codes take up space, particularly in a long document.

If you want to add new index entries, say for name or places that were in Notes or in new material you want to enter, study the formatting codes used for the RM4 index entries. Also, refer to the chapter "Writing Using Word for Genealogy: Utilizing Microsoft Word in Genealogical Documents..." by Alvy Ray Smith in _Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century_, Ed. Michael J. Leclerc (Boston, Mass.: NEHGS, 2006). (The chapter is based on a series of five articles that appeared in the New England Ancestors magazine from Summer 2004 to Winter 2005.) 

Note: WP 2003 is a little different, in that program, you must delete the index you have created, redefine it, and regenerate.


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