How do I hide LDS information on the screen and in reports?

There are a couple of options for hiding LDS information.

  1. Do Tools > File Options and then unmark the LDS Support checkbox.  This will turn off displays like the temple and BEPS in the status area.
  2. Do Lists > Fact Type list, then select and edit the 6 LDS ordinance fact types (LDS Baptism, LDS Endowment, etc).  You can turn off where each of these fact types will print (group sheets, narratives, individual summary, and lists).

Note: that turning these options off will not keep any LDS ordinances in a person's edit screen from displaying (just like there isn't an option to hide Jewish, Catholic, or other categories of facts entered for a person).  RootsMagic will always display all data entered for a person.

Another option: IF you only want to remove the LDS detail, to generate a report, you can GEDCOM to a new database without the LDS info, run the report, and then delete the new database. 


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