Freezing issue running RootsMagic on a Mac with CrossOver

When RM5 appears to freeze in Crossover, 9 times out of 10 it's because there's a file dialog that's hidden behind the main window. The main window appears frozen because the smaller window/dialog behind it has the "focus" of the program, and must be attended to before the main window can be interacted with.

This can often be solved by disabling the window manager controls. To do this, shut down RM5, and then go into Crossover's Configure>Managed Bottles menu. Highlight your RootsMagic 5 bottle, and then go to Control Panel>Wine Configuration, and launch this item. In the "graphics" tab, un-check "Allow window manager to control the windows", and then click "apply" and "ok". Now, try using RM5. You'll notice that the windows look as they would on an older windows XP machine, but the behavior where windows pop up behind larger windows (and therefore appear frozen) should be significantly lessened, if not altogether eliminated.


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