Net Nanny Users trying to interface with FamilySearch through RootsMagic

Net Nanny is known to interfere with the internet communication between RootsMagic and FamilySearch.  You may receive the error message "Unable to connect to the internet. Please check your internet connection and firewall." when trying to access FamilySearch through RootsMagic. 

Please follow the steps below to prevent Net Nanny from causing the internet connection to be closed. 

1. Right click the Net Nanny icon in the system tray area (right side) of the task bar
2. Select "Admin tools" from the pop up menu
3. Enter your admin password to log into the admin tools
4. On the admin page, click "Application exceptions" (in the Exceptions category)
5. Click the "Add" button
6. Choose "rootsmagic.exe" from the installed applications list (if you don't see it in the list, you will need to select "Custom application" and browse to select the rootsmagic.exe file)
7. Click OK
8. You should see "rootsmagic.exe" listed in the Application Exceptions list. Click OK again.
9. Close the Net Nanny admin page
10. The Net Nanny icon in the system tray area will temporarily display an hourglass while it updates its settings. When it returns to the normal Net Nanny icon, start RM7 and try to connect to FamilySearch 


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