Converting from Legacy to RootsMagic

To export your data from Legacy:

1. Open your Legacy program

2. Do “File, Export to, GEDCOM file” from the main menu.

3. A dialog will appear for you to select the export options. Click the "Select file name and start import" button.

4. You will be asked for the name of the GEDCOM file you want to create. Also pay attention to where you are saving the GEDCOM file, so that you can find it to import into RootsMagic. MyDocuments is a good place to export the file to. Click Save (or OK).

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 for each database if you have more than one.


To import your data into RootsMagic:

1. After installing RootsMagic, open your RootsMagic program

2. Create a new database by selecting “File, New” from the main menu. Enter the name you want to call your database, then click “Save” (or “OK”). An option dialog will appear. Choose the options you want and then click “OK”.

3. Import the GEDCOM file you created above into the new blank database. Do “File, Import GEDCOM” from the main menu.

4. Select the GEDCOM file you created above, then click the “Open” (or “OK”) button.

5. An import option dialog will appear. Choose the settings you want, although you will probably just want to use the default settings. Click the “Begin import” button to import the GEDCOM file.


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