How do I remove Ghost Media traces after deleting media.

Q. I received a GEDCOM from someone else with media links.  I used the Media Gallery to delete all media. Now, although the media gallery is empty, various individuals still show that they have media attached. But if you click the checkmark indicating media, there's nothing there. If I attach a photo to someone who has one of the ghost media files, RM shows that there are 2 media items, although only one shows in the gallery. Delete that one in the gallery, and RM still says there's 1 media item--the ghost with no name, no links...and nothing to delete.

How do I get rid of the ghosts?

A. Before adding the GEDCOM to your main file you will need to import into it's own new database.  Then export the GEDCOM file without media links by unchecking the multimedia links box. The links to all their media will be removed and no ghost traces will be found.  


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