How do I set the start person on a Shareable CD?

The start person, or the one highlighted when you open the file is called the Root Person in RootsMagic. Since the CD is read only, you have to set this root person before you create the shareable CD. This is done by going to the Tools menu, File options and setting the Roots Person there. The option "Start person when opening this database" needs to be set at "Root person above". After you create the shareable CD, you can change it back to whomever you want.

Another option is to have Tools>File Options with "Start person when opening this database" set to "Last person from previous session". If you want a particular person to start the shareable CD with then have that person (ie John Jones) highlighted and close down a session with him as the last person.

Then open a new session, and create the shareable CD, the first person on the shareable CD will be the highlighted person previously nominated or used at the close of the last session.


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