How to Convert a Shareable CD to a Modifiable Database

1.  Insert the shareable CD into your CD drive.
2.  When the shareable CD automatically starts, exit the CD.
3.  On your computer, select START/COMPUTER/ and then right-click the D drive to view the files on the shareable CD.
4.  Copy the family database file (Roots Magic File) on the shareable CD.
5.  Paste the database file to your C: drive.6.  Check that the file attributes are not set to read only. (Some versions of Windows leave read only checked when copying a file from a CD. Others remove the read only flag.) To remove read only right click on the folder, click properties and then un-check the read only attribute box, click apply and then OK. 
7.  Open the RM genealogy program.
8.  From the RM genealogy program, select File/Open/Open a File and then open the database file.

Note: A database with media files has to have the path restored:

1.  Right-click and copy the folder PICTURES on the shareable CD.
2.  Paste the folder to your C: drive.
3.  On the RM toolbar, select Search/Search and Replace on the RM toolbar and change the Field to search to Multimedia filenames.
4.  In Search for enter “Pictures\” (without the quotes)
5.  In Replace with enter "C:\Users\Customer\Documents\FAMILIES BEING RESEARCHED PHOTOS\". (without the quotes)
6.  Leave Match case unchecked.
7.  The dialog window Replace this text? should pop up with "Pictures\" highlighted
8.  Click Replace All 


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