How do I select a different language for the spell check dictionary?

Here are the steps to select a different language spell check dictionary:

1. Download the dictionary that you are interested in from:

2. Unzip the downloaded dictionary file into the RootsMagic program folder.  You will probably have to tell Windows to allow putting the .adm dictionary into the program files folder.

3. After you have added the dictionary files to the RootsMagic folder, follow these steps to select the dictionary for use:

  1. Misspell a word in any fact note.  (I use rgou as the word in a blank note..)
  2. Click on the Spell check button.
  3. Click on the "Options" button in the bottom left of the Spelling screen. This will take you to the screens to work on the dictionaries.
  4. Click on "Language" tab.
  5. You can select the main dictionary from the drop list, and also choose additional  dictionaries that should be used when spell checking. 


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