How do I add a Society name to a short footnote?

Q. I have an issue with corporate authors and short footnotes. The default behavior for RM4 source templates seems to be to always create a short footnote using just the last word of the author's name. (e.g. Smith, v. 25, p. 47). This works only as long as the author's surname is the last word in the author field. What happens when you have a corporate author, as is usually the case in websites, is that RM4 presents the last word as the author (e.g. "Western Historical Society" becomes "Society"). One word (e.g. NEHGS) becomes a blank.

I was wondering if there was a way to escape this default behavior and tell the program how you want the short footnote to be formatted? 


A. To include the full name of a Society you need to offset the first or last name by adding "/" and "/" around the surname, i.e. /Western Historical Society/.  Whatever is between the first and second "/" gets used in the short footnote.


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