Change focus to a different set of parents.

To change the focus to a different set of parents, highlight the child.

Look to the top left of the screen to the left of the information area where it says Spouses: number of spouses, down arrow and Parents: number of parents, down arrow.

Click on the down arrow next to Parents. The set of parents presently shown on the main screen has a check mark.

Click on the other set of parents and the main screen focus will change to the other set of parents.

Or you can add new parents.

If you highlight Children, you get a list of the children linked to that set of parents. You can choose one of those children and that child will become the focus on the main screen.

Or you can add or rearrange children.

If you click on the down arrow for Spouses, you can change the focus of the main screen to another spouse, add a new spouse or rearrange the order of the spouses. Highlighting Children give you the same choices as highlighting the children for Parents.

Whichever set of Parents or spouse you choose will remain the focus on the main screen until you change that focus either on these screens or navigating to a different set of parents or spouse in other ways.


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