Set "Living" Flag

The default setting on the "Living" flag is automatically set to check the box indicating a person is living when they are added to the database. This default setting is a program design to help protect the privacy of living individuals, and as such can not be changed. When a fact is added to the individual indicating they were born more than 105 years ago the "Living" flag will automatically be unchecked, indicating they are deceased. If only a marriage date was added it will not reflect the setting of the "Living" flag.  Once a death or burial fact is entered for the person the "Living" flag will be unchecked.  If no birth type dates or death type facts have been entered for an individual they will be automatically considered living. 

There may be times that you need to set the "Living" flag for a group of individuals in your database. 

The "Tools, Set Living" command lets you set (or clear) the "Living" flag for a group of people at once. Simply choose whether to set the "Living" flag to true or false then click the "OK" button. RootsMagic will bring up the select people dialog for you to choose which people to set the "Living" flag for. 

If you have quite a few people from centuries ago who are still marked as living, you can set the "Living" flag to "False" for everyone in the database, then set it to True for those who are living. For example, anyone with a birth date after 1906 and no death fact.

Here is another option:

  1. Go to the Tools menu
  2. Choose Set Living...
  3. Set living to FALSE for selected group of people
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Mark Group button
  6. Select Everyone in the database
  7. Then click on UNmark group
  8. Clear People by data fields
  9. Any fact --Date -- is after 1906
  10. Click OK
  11. Click OK

That should leave anyone with any fact date after 1906 as they are, but make everyone else non living. 


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