Finding people added or changed by a certain date

1. Open RootsMagic Explorer - Search> Person List

2. Click on the "Find" button.

3. "Select Field" set to "Date last edited"

4. Set the search criteria, (i.e. equals, is after, etc.), and then add the date.

5. Hit "OK" and it will search for individuals fitting this description

6. You will be brought back to the RootsMagic Explorer screen where you can use the "Next" button to go through the list of individuals that had been edited. (It will not show you what was edited for them, it will just bring up their record.)


Update: On the "People" tab you are now able to "customize this view" to show the "last edited" date.  If you click on the header of this column it will sort everyone by their last edit date. 


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