How can I get a count of everyone who died between two dates?

Here is a way to get a count (and a list if you want) of everyone who had some event happen between two dates.  This isn't limited to just deaths, but we'll use that as an example.

  1. Do an Individual List report (Reports > Lists > Individual List from the menu)
  2. Choose "Selected people" and choose to "Select from list"
  3. RootsMagic will display a list of the people in your database
  4. Click the "Mark People" button
  5. Choose "Select people by data fields"
  6. RootsMagic will ask what you want to search for.  Enter this (replacing "Death" with whatever fact you are interested in, and the dates with the starting and end dates you are interested in):
    • Death | Date | Is after | 1820
    • AND
    • Death | Date | Is before | 1840
  7. Click OK and RootsMagic will tell you how many people matched
  8. You can then click OK again if you want to get a list of those matches as well


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