Splitting a database with common links

Color-coding both lines could result in the common person taking on the last color assigned and thus not of much help. Instead delete all color-coding, color-code one line and make a Named Group of the other. Then in the Sidebar in Group mode, any member of that named group with color is common to both. Unlinking the marriage/relationship shared between the lines will create two separate trees in your database.

Delete all Color-Coding
1. Click on Tools
2. Select "Color-Code People"
3. Click on Radio button for "Clear all colors"
4. Click "OK"

Color-Code One Line
1. Click on Tools
2. Select "Color-Code People"
3. Set Color (to what is desired)
4. Click on the radio button for the group of people you want to color-code - Ancestor or Descendants of the Current Person or "People selected from a list". For this example we will choose "Descendants of current person" and check "Include spouses".
5. Click "OK"

Create a Group
1. Open the Sidebar
2. Select icon for "Groups"
3. Click on the Groups icon to create a new group
4. Click on +New button
5. Highlight the focus person for your group
6. Click on "Mark group"
7. Select either Ancestors or Descendants of Highlighted Person" For this example we will choose "Ancestors of Highlighted Person"
8. Click radio button "Ancestors and children of ancestors" and adjust how many Generations you want to include (You can adjust this to fit you needs.) 
9. Click "OK"
10. Click "OK" again
11. Enter name for the group
12. Click "Close"
13. In the Groups drop down box choose the group you just named. 


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