How do I color-code all the living people in my database?

1. Click on Tools

2. Select "Color Code People"

3. Set Color (to what is desired)

4. Click radio button for "People selected from a list"

5. Click OK

6. Click button "Mark group"

7. Select Living

8. Click OK


There are other options you can mark groups by, ie. "select people by data field", etc.


If you want to create a group of individuals with a certain color code:

1. Open the sidebar

2. Select icon for "Groups"

3. Click on the Groups icon to create a new group

4. Click on +New button

5. Click on "Mark group"

6. "Select people by data fields"

7. Select field as "Color Coding" and "is ____"

8. Click OK

9. It will run matches and tell you how many it found - click OK

10. Click OK

11. Enter name for the group

12. Click Close

13. In the Groups drop down box choose the group you just named.


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