Resolving duplicate entries for the same person

Where do you see the duplicate entries?
If it is in two different family groups or different places in a pedigree, then deleting the LINK or the family where it is not supposed to be should fix it.
If it is in the RootsMagic Explorer or the sidebar, you probably have an alternate name showing. 

The first thing to do when you think you have duplicate people is to check the record numbers. If the people have different record numbers then you have duplicate people or different people with the same name. If the record number is the same, you may have one person linked in the wrong place and will need to unlink rather than delete the person.

If record numbers are not showing next to a person's name, go to Tools>File options and select Record numbers on the "Number to display after name" dropdown menu.

Backup the database before making any changes so if a mistake is made, the backup can be restored.

To unlink Individuals from parents or spouses go to Edit>Unlink. Choose Parents or Spouse.

Check Help>Index>Unlinking for help in unlinking an Individual from a family.

To unlink or delete a family, have that family showing on the Family view screen, highlight one of the parents and go to Edit>Delete>. To unlink the family, leave the default box checked. This unlinks or deletes every member of that family.

Check Help>Index>Deleting People, family.

If a name is an Alternate name linked to the person on the Edit person screen, there will be an Alternate name icon before the name on the Sidebar Index, RM Explorer and people screen.  You can remove the alternative name from view if you uncheck the box to do so. 


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