Show on FamilyTree not Working

Question: Just upgraded to RM due to the FamilySearch login problems and run it under Windows 10. Everything seems to work great with one exception. When I open the FamilySearch Person Tools window and click the "Show on Family Tree" button I am taken to my pedigree view instead. 

Answer: If Google Chrome is your default browser this is happening using Windows 10. It appears the Chrome running under Windows 10 doesn't like the # (hash) in the URL that is required to send the FamilySearch ID over. Since it is being stripped it will only go to the pedigree view of the person signed in. So far we haven't found a setting that will make Chrome not behave in this manner.

If you change your default browser to Edge, IE, or Firefox it will work just fine while using the "Show on Family Tree" option. 



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